We acknowledge & pay respect to the traditional owners past & present of all the islands in this region.


Your Support Can Make A World Of Difference

Just off the coast of Mackay, Queensland, about 45 minutes by power boat, is a hidden gem of the Whitsundays — Keswick Island. This idyllic paradise set in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is leased between the Queensland Government and a head lessee for a total term of 99 years. The fourth head lessee since the original lease in 1995 is currently China Bloom (Hong Kong) Ltd. They have made it exceedingly difficult for residents and other Australians to visit and/or live on Keswick. Several television reports aired in November 2020 brought Keswick Island international attention that resulted in an outpouring of outrage and an overwhelming amount of support.


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How You Can Help

Join Facebook Groups

There are two Facebook groups that launched in December 2020 after the media storm hit the airwaves. These groups are managed by dedicated administrators that volunteer their time and effort for our cause.

Sign The Petitions

There are three online petitions running to sign. These will be sent to the government when they receive the required amount of signatures. Your participation can help to make the government aware of this cause.

Donate Funds

A GoFundMe campaign has been setup to collect funds for the Keswick Island Progress Association Inc. These funds will be put towards future court costs as the fight progresses and to help with event facilities and marketing.

📸 Photo credit: Eva Browne-Paterson