This following list is reproduced with permission from the Keswick Island Progress Association Inc. (KIPA)’s website. We only list relevant articles from trustworthy sources. Please start from the bottom of the page for earlier articles. NOTE: 18 February 2021 Due to the recent changes in showing news articles on Facebook, some videos may not be available any longer. We apologise for this.

Date Name
5 June 2022 ABC: Lots for sale on tropical Queensland’s Keswick Island with one for as little as $30k
18 March 2022 People’s News: Keswick Art Trail Grant Successful
18 March 2022 Mackay Whitsunday Life: Art Trail Planned for Keswick Island
14 March 2022 Mackay Regional Council: Festival of Arts Fringe Program Events Receive Funding Boost
11 March 2022 Mackay Whitsunday Life: Keswick Island Residents Seeking Answers from Inquiry
3 March 2022 7 News: A New Inquiry Will Examine the Management of Islands Across the GBR
27 February 2022 Courier Mail: Wasted Paradise as Lessees Fail to Return Resorts to Glory Days
15 Novembr 2021 7 News: A New Tour Boat Has Been Launched After Months of Construction
25 February 2022 Courier Mail: Plans to Revive our Island Jewels
10 November 2021 7 News: Another Bolt Unlocked on Keswick Island
29 September 2021 7 News: Keswick Island is Now Open for Overnight Trips
29 September 2021 ABC: Tension, Tourism on Keswick Island After Disputes
24 June 2021 ACA: Foreign-Owned Qld Island Resorts Abandoned & in Ruins
24 June 2021 Keswick, Brampton, Lindeman Island: Amanda Camm & MPs Push Enquiry
24 June 2021 Courier Mail: Resources Minister Scott Stewart Hits Back At Amanda Camm’s Claims
22 June 2021 7 News: LNP slam the State Government over failing to uphold lease agreement
22 June 2021 Mackay Local News: Pat Weir Concerned About Keswick Island Condition
23 May 2021 ABC: KI Slowly Reopening to Residents, Tourists After Change In Management
21 May 2021 Courier Mail: How You Can Score A One-Day Trip to Keswick Island
16 April 2021 Mackay Regional News: Keswick Reopens
8 April 2021 7 News: Keswick Island Reopens to Day Trippers
17 March 2021 7 News: 50 Flatback Turtle Eggs Hatch on Keswick Island
8 March 2021 YouTube: 50 Eggs Hatch in Turtle Nest on Basil Bay
6 March 2021 Sky News: National Cabinet Has Failed Because of the People Involved
5 March 2021 Star 101.9: Palaszczuk Govt slammed over leasing KI to China company as residents become more desperate
5 March 2021 ACA: Tourists Furious at Foreign-Controlled Daydream Island
4 March 2021 Sky News: Australian Island Locked Up Under Our Very Eyes By China
4 March 2021 2GB: Qld Govt Ignores KI Residents Despite Federal MP Christensen’s Intervention
2 March 2021 George Christensen: Qld Resources Minister’s Limp Response to KI Lease Breaches
2 March 2021 KIPA Media Release: Turtles Prove China Bloom Wrong
26 February 2021 Mackay Regional News: Glimmer of Hope
25 February 2021 George Christensen FB Watch: Keswick Island Update
5 February 2021 7 News: Manager of Keswick Island Leaves
5 February 2021 Mackay Region News: Paradise Lost
2 February 2021 Senator Malcolm Roberts in Discussion with KI Locals
2 February 2021 Keswick Island – Palaszczuk: Tear Up The Lease
2 February 2021 Daily Mercury: Nonsense-Julieanne Gilbert Hits Back at Keswick Island Claim
29 January 2021 Keswick Island Capers: Rhetoric – Why the Question?
29 January 2021 Keswick Island Capers: Tug-Of-War on Keswick Island
27 January 2021 SkyNews: Keswick Island residents lobby Queensland to cancel Chinese lease
27 January 2021 2GB Report: We Want Our Island Back
26 January 2021 ACA Report: KI Residents Australia Day Fight Back Against China Bloom
26 January 2021 ACA Watch: KI Residents Fight Chinese Ownership
26 January 2021 ABC Report: Keswick Boat Protest Foreign Owned Island
26 January 2021 7 News: KI Residents Demand Foreign Investors ‘Give Back Their Land’
26 January 2021 Senator Malcolm Roberts On His Way To Keswick Island on Australia Day
22 January 2021 YouTube Video: Hoist the Sails for Keswick Island – Steve Mannix
21 January 2021 Seven News: Australia Day Protest Planned on Keswick Island Called Off
20 January 2021 Daily Mercury Article: Island Devastation is of Great Concern
18 January 2021 Keswick Island Capers Blog: Public Boat Ramp Outrage
12 January 2021 YouTube Video: Keswick Island Coral Destruction
8 January 2021 Keswick Island Capers Blog: So You Sell A Shirt & You Can’t Say Why
31 December 2020 Keswick Island Capers Blog: Privacy Invaded on Idyllic Island
29 December 2020 Sky News Report: Island Dream Turned Nightmare
28 December 2020 Sky News: Govt Should Compensate Small Businesses Affected By Border Closures
28 December 2020 Keswick Island Capers Blog: Old Jetty Road, Not Yellow Brick Road
27 December 2020 KIPA Media Release: Turtle Nesting
26 December 2020 Keswick Island Capers Blog: Turtle Reclaims Basil Bay
24 December 2020 Keswick Island Capers Blog: Thanks Julieanne, But…
23 December 2020 7 News Facebook Video: Federal MP Takes Stand Against Chinese
22 December 2020 KI Saga: Residents Claim 1 or 2 Small Wins Over China Bloom
18 December 2020 Facebook Video: Amanda Camm Interview About Keswick Island
17 December 2020 Plight vs Might – Conflict on Keswick Island
11 December 2020 Right to Reply – Episode 4: Final Answers to China Bloom
10 December 2020 Sky News Report: Increasingly Harder to Live on KI Since China Signed 99 Yr Lease
10 December 2020 KIPA Media Release Response To China Bloom Statement
10 December 2020 Right to Reply – Episode 3: Compliance
9 December 2020 Facebook Video: Member for Mirani asks Qld Premier About the Keswick Debacle
9 December 2020 Right to Reply – Episode 2: Turtles
8 December 2020 Daily Mercury Article: Council Investigates Compliance Issues on Keswick Island
8 December 2020 Right to Reply – A Personal Response to China Bloom
7 December 2020 ABC Article: KI Tensions Rise As Developer Says Chopping Off Tree ‘Fabricated’
7 December 2020 ACA Video: Aussie Locals Squeezed Out Of Island Life by Foreign Developer
7 December 2020 China Bloom Media Release Addressing Community Concerns
7 December 2020 Article: Chinese Developer, KI Locals Clash Over Lease Holder’s Rights
6 December 2020 Daily Mercury Article: Pollies Join Keswick Crusade Against Chinese Developer
4 December 2020 Daily Mercury Article: There’s A Chance We Could Lose Keswick Forever
4 December 2020 Facebook Post: Amanda Camm’s Letter to Scott Stewart, Minister for Resources
4 December 2020 Facebook Video: Mackay Locals Organise Protest on Keswick Island
4 December 2020 Facebook Video: Amanda Camm with her Weekly Round-Up including Keswick
4 December 2020 2GB Interview: ‘Piss em off!’ Former MP Fires Up Over Chinese Developer’s Takeover
3 December 2020 2GB Interview: ‘It Belongs To Australia’ Locals Kicked Out of Aussie Paradise
3 December 2020 Article: Fight Over Pristine Whitsundays Beach Reaches Fever Pitch
1 December 2020 4MK Breakfast Show Interview: Keswick Island Gaining International Attention
1 December 2020 Daily Mail Article: Chinese Co. Who Bought Up Idyllic Aust Island Stops Aussies
30 November 2020 Facebook Video: George Christensen in Parliament – KI Turning into Comm. China
30 November 2020 Sky New Report: Keswick Island Fury with Developers
30 November 2020 A Current Affair Report: Aussie Locals Squeezed out of Island Life by Chinese Dev
26 November 2020 Courier Mail Article: Keswick Island Locals Reveal Next Step in Dispute
22 November 2020 Back Off Mate: Morrison Puts An End To China’s Plan of Colonising Australia
20 November 2020 Sky News Report: Keswick Island Locals Fear They’re Being Forced Off Their Island
16 November 2020 Seven News Report: Trouble Brewing at Keswick Island
25 September 2020 ABC News Video: Residents Frustrated by Developer’s Management on Keswick
24 September 2020 ABC News Article: Residents Frustrated by Developer’s Management on KI
25 August 2020 Daily Mercury Article: Island Search & Destroy Mission Nets Angler
31 July 2020 Seven News Report: Keswick Island Residents Furious Over Chinese Developer
30 July 2020 Daily Mercury Article: Island Residents Say Chinese Developer is Restricting Access
30 July 2020 Media Release: Qld Law a Toothless Tiger for Keswick Residents
8 June 2020 Daily Mercury Article: $3 Million Plan to Save the St Bees Koalas
4 March 2020 Daily Mercury Article: Basil Bay Backdown
2 May 2019 Greaton Buys Keswick Island in Queensland
16 April 2019 Daily Mercury Article: Government Signs Off On Keswick Island Lease Transfer
28 March 2019 Daily Mercury Article: Discussions Continue On Island Sale
9 February 2019 Daily Mercury Article: 10 Mackay development projects we can’t wait to see
24 January 2019 Daily Mercury Article: Keswick Consultation
6 July 2018 News: Yacht smashes into rocks, group rescued from island
7 May 2018 Courier Mail: 7 Best Things To Do In Mackay
18 July 2016 News: QLD’s Keswick Island on the market
15 March 2016 News: Who should push island owners to build resorts?
20 November 2015 News: Campsites open up on idyllic Keswick Island
23 April 2014 News: Boaties were thrilled to see rescuers after being stranded
4 April 2014 News: Top 5 hidden gems for quiet anchorages in Queensland
10 January 2013 News: Plan to lure locals to Keswick Island
8 March 2012 The Qld Times: Dream turns sour for investors
3 April 2008 Australian Financial Review: Investors on Island Venture
2 June 1999 Australian Financial Review: Finally, A Resort for Keswick Island

See the children’s book series written by one of Keswick Island’s locals, Eva Browne-Paterson. Click on the image below.

📸 Photo credit: Brian Browne-Paterson